The struggle for this célfie😄💖

The struggle for this célfie😄💖

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A selfie a day!😄😩😍👯 with Maryam, Aysha , and Khadijah – View on Path.

A selfie a day!😄😩😍👯 with Maryam, Aysha , and Khadijah – View on Path.

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When people try to equate “cracker” with “nigger” to prove the existence of reverse racism.



"N word vs cracker: which is worse?" Here’s a hint—the one you won’t even spell out, is probably the worse one

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My Baby 💖 #FinallyAnAunt

My Baby 💖 #FinallyAnAunt

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Ceo Dancers in London dance to Awilo Longomba’s ‘Bundelele’.

The dynamic Ceo Dancers featuring Ezinne Asinugo, dance to Awilo Longomba’s latest song ‘Bundelele’ in the middle of a London street - and it’s awesome!

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you’re not welcome here;

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Black Power to Africans in America, Black Power to Africans in Africa, Black Power to Africans in the Caribbeans, Black Power to the African Tribes in Asia! Black Power Black Power Black Powwwa!! We all have the same fight!

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"Why Blackman dey suffer today?
Why Blackman no get money today?
Why Blackman no go for moon today?
This is the reason why…
We dey sit down for our land jeje
We dey mind our business jeje
Some people come from far away land
Dem fight us and take our land
Dem take our people and spoil our towns
Na since then trouble start o
Our riches dem take away to their land
In return dem give us their colony
Dem take our culture away from us
Dem give us dem culture we no understand
Black people we no know ourselves
We no know our ancestral heritage
We dey fight each other everyday
We’re never together; we’re never together at all
That is why Blackman dey suffer today"
Why black man they suffer - Fela Kuti
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Fela Kuti’s Spirituality through Fela’s life.

A while back I went to the screening of Fela NYC: Fresh from Africa. One thing bothered me throughout the documentary was the down playing of Fela’s African spirituality and the role Fela’s Queens played in his life & music.  When the documentary makers were questioned about this they gave whimsical answers and avoided the answers. 
Furthermore after the showing the Fela documentary, ancestral voices was aired in which numerous white people walked out.  To a certain extent the documentary questions the whole whiteman saviour complex,  the European Christianization of Africa (excluding the coptic ethiopian and egyptian coptic Churches) and the importance of  African Spirituality. 

At 2:43, you hear Fela praising orishas Ogun and Shango along with Malcom x,  and kwame Nkrumah … Fela Genius!!! African Cultural heritage lives on in Latin America, where these orishas are still loved and praised. Specially in Brazil and Cuba. There is much dialogue that needs to be done between us all.

It appears easy to accept the creations from African culture however it’s difficult for the culture to be accepted particularly in Europe or the America’s where African’s are Type cast as ‘Black’ and marginalized.

Africans & Diaspora Abroad

We should fund our own things, such as music, Cinema, businesses and institutions or we will continue to be marginalized and not cast in our right light. We must do this so the legacies of those who came before us can be remembered in the right light & we can leave the next generation with more than we ever had.

Africans Back home

Proper dialogue and study of the way spiritual systems were imposed and put in place for foreign interest/benefit.

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Boko Haram abducts 200 schoolgirls in Borno →


Suspected Boko Haram insurgents on Tuesday abducted no fewer than 100 girls at the Senior Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State, following a violent attack in the town.

Eyewitnesses said the girls who were in school preparing for their Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination were abducted at about 3.00am.

Mr Joseph Walama, a resident, said the attackers numbering about 50, stormed the town in a convoy of Toyota Hilux vehicles before unleashing terror on residents.

“They arrived in the town at about 10.00pm in a convoy of no fewer than seven Hilux vehicles and took control of the town and set fire on residential and public buildings,” Walama said.

He said some of the attackers engaged in mass looting of food items, while others harassed residents at will.

“Then suddenly they headed for the Senior Secondary School, Chibok, which is a WAEC examination centre.

“Some of the teachers and students took to their heels on sighting them, but they eventually abducted those who remained in the hostel.

Pray for Nigeria.

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Latino Hunger Games - Vine by Rudy Mancuso 

y’all tho

I’m crey

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